James C. K. Lai

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AIM To evaluate the short-term efficacy and safety of monthly intravitreal injections of ranibizumab in patients with polypoidal choroidal vasculopathy (PCV) and active exudation or haemorrhage. METHODS A prospective, open-label trial of monthly intravitreal ranibizumab (0.5 mg) injections for PCV in 12 eyes of 12 patients was performed. The primary(More)
The regional enzyme activities of glucose metabolism in the rat brain were investigated. Hexokinase (EC and pyruvate dehydrogenase (EC, key enzymes for glucose metabolism, showed no changes in activity in all the regions studied of the aging brain as compared with the adult brain. However, the activity of D-3-hydroxybutyrate dehydrogenase(More)
Manganese (Mn) and magnesium (Mg) levels in hypothalamus, cerebellum, pons and medulla, striatum, midbrain, and cerebral cortex of control and Mn-treated (10 mg MnCl2.4H2O per ml of drinking water) rats during postnatal development were studied using instrumental neutron activation analysis. The age-dependent Mn accumulation showed regional variation: at(More)
PURPOSE To study the visual and anatomic outcome of intravitreal bevacizumab injection in the treatment of exudative age-related macular degeneration (AMD). METHODS Retrospective review of patients who received one or more intravitreal bevacizumab injections for exudative AMD. Outcome measures include standardized visual acuity, optical coherence(More)
An excess of extracellular glutamate in the hippocampus has been linked to the generation of recurrent seizures and brain pathology in patients with medically intractable mesial temporal lobe epilepsy (MTLE). However, the mechanism which results in glutamate excess in MTLE remains unknown. We recently reported that the glutamate-metabolizing enzyme(More)
We examined the influence of aging upon the uptake of glutamate by synaptosomes, and the oxidation of Synaptosomal vitamin E. Synaptosomes isolated from the cerebral hemispheres of Fischer 344 rats, 4 and 24 months old, were suspended at 37°C in buffer (pH 7.4) simulating extracellular fluid containing 10 mM glucose. The Km for the high affinity uptake of(More)
A method has been developed whereby a fraction of rat brain mitochondria (synaptic mitochondria) was isolated from synaptosomes. This brain mitochondrial fraction was compared with the fraction of "free" brain mitochondria (non-synaptic) isolated by the method of Clark & Nicklas (1970). (J. Biol. Chem. 245, 4724-4731). Both mitochondrial fractions are shown(More)
Manganese (Mn) is an essential mineral but is toxic when taken in excess. However, whether its interactions with other minerals in organs and cells are involved in mechanisms underlying Mn toxicity is poorly understood. We designed a developmental rat model of chronic Mn treatment (Group A: 1 mg MnCl2.4H2O per ml of drinking water; Group B: 10 mg MnCl2.4H2O(More)