James C. H. Goh

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This set of 6 experiments used a 2-target rapid serial visual presentation paradigm to address 2 main questions: (a) What is the nature of the code retrieved from nontarget (i.e., unselected) items? and (b) How do the processing demands of the target affect the nature of the codes extracted from its proximate distractors? There were 3 main results: First,(More)
A ExoGlove prototype. a) Glove is designed with Velcro for easy don and doff. b) Soft actuators are attached to the dorsal side of the glove. Velcro a) b) Soft Actuator To Air Source DIP PIP MCP CMC DIP MCP  Abstract—In this paper, we present the design of a soft wearable exoskeleton that comprises of a glove embedded with pneumatic actuators of variable(More)
In this paper, we present the design, fabrication and evaluation of a soft wearable robotic glove, which can be used with functional Magnetic Resonance imaging (fMRI) during the hand rehabilitation and task specific training. The soft wearable robotic glove, called MR-Glove, consists of two major components: a) a set of soft pneumatic actuators and b) a(More)
BACKGROUND Muscles are important "sensors of the joint instability". The aim of this study was to identify the neuro-motor control strategies adopted by patients with anterior shoulder instability during overhead shoulder elevation in two planes. METHODS The onset, time of peak activation, and peak magnitude of seven shoulder muscles (posterior deltoid,(More)
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