James C-H Goh

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Unlike braided fabrics, knitted scaffolds have been proven to favor deposition of collagenous connective tissue matrix, which is crucial for tendon/ligament reconstruction. But cell seeding of such scaffolds often requires a gel system, which is unstable in a dynamic situation, especially in the knee joint. This study developed a novel, biodegradable(More)
A review of prosthetic prescription practice reveals that in the United Kingdom about 85% of below and above-knee amputees are fitted with uniaxial feet, whereas in the United States about 80% are fitted with SACH feet. An evaluation method was developed to assess the performance of these two different types of feet. This included a subjective assessment(More)
This paper summarizes the findings of a pilot-in-the-loop simulation which examined the initial feasibility of an air traffic management operations concept for using a cockpit display of traffic information (CDTI) to support a delegated separation task in the vertical domain. In this concept a flight crew is directed to maintain safe vertical separation(More)
This paper describes a simple approach to the fatigue testing of prosthetic feet. A fatigue testing machine for prosthetic feet was designed as part of the programme to develop an energy storing prosthetic foot (ESPF). The fatigue tester does not simulate the loading pattern on the foot during normal walking. However, cyclic vertical loads are applied to(More)
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