James C Giudice

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A prospective study was conducted to determine the reliability of noninvasive end-tidal CO2 (PETCO2) monitoring as a reflection of arterial CO2 tension (PaCO2) during weaning from mechanical ventilation (MV). Simultaneous PaCO2 and PETCO2 determinations were compared during MV and again during a spontaneous breathing trial just before returning the patient(More)
The present study was undertaken to evaluate the short-term effects of nitroglycerin, nifedipine, and supplemental oxygen on hemodynamics and gas exchange in 11 patients in stable condition with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease and cor pulmonale. In general, both intravenous nitroglycerin and sublingual nifedipine significantly reduced the pulmonary(More)
A 22-year-old black male presented with progressive dyspnea, a nonproductive cough, and new skin lesions. He was severely hypoxic, and had a severe restrictive defect on pulmonary function testing. A 2-cm lytic defect was noted on skull radiographs. A lung biopsy demonstrated pulmonary fibrosis. A biopsy of a skin lesion was consistent with a diagnosis of(More)
This is a case report of an asymptomatic, 65-year-old white female who was evaluated for multiple pulmonary nodules. This patient's presentation, clinical course and pathologic specimens are consistent with benign metastasizing leiomyoma. A review of this rare disorder is included in this report with emphasis on past cases, clinical overview and treatment.
Noninvasive positive pressure ventilation (NIPPV) is a viable option in treating appropriately selected patients with acute respiratory failure. It is often well tolerated, and it avoids endotracheal intubation with its potential complications. Moreover, gas exchange is reportedly improved. Several issues relating to the use of NIPPV are unresolved,(More)
Given the present state of the art, any case of apparent pneumonia that is not responding to optimum therapy, or of "viremia" which appears to be progressively deteriorating, should be considered Legionnaires' disease and treated accordingly until proven otherwise. Titers for antibody to the disease in serum obtained during the acute and convalescent stages(More)