James C. Ewing

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Allylbenzene ozonide (ABO), a model for polyunsaturated fatty acid (PUFA) ozonides, initiates the autoxidation of methyl linoleate (18∶2 ME) at 37°C under 760 torr of oxygen. This process is inhibited by d-α-tocopherol (α-T) and 2,6-di-ert-butyl-4-methylphenol (BHT). The autoxidation was followed by the appearance of conjugated diene (CD), as well as by(More)
This Classic Article is a reprint of the original work by J. Ewing, The Bulkley Lecture: The Modern Attitude Toward Traumatic Cancer. An accompanying biographical sketch of J. Ewing is available at DOI 10.1007/ s11999-011-2234-y. The Classic Article is 1935 and is reprinted courtesy of the New York Academy of Medicine from Ewing J. The Bulkley Lecture: The(More)
Transfusion of platelets is commonly indicated in the inpatient oncology setting. These platelets are obtained either through apheresis from a single donor or pooled from the whole blood of several donors. The amount of transfused platelets, infection risk, incidence of alloimmunization, and increases in posttransfusion platelet count are similar for these(More)
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