James C. Colson

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The research community has addressed the need to improve the flexibility of robot systems. Two particular concepts that have resulted from this research are off-line programming and modular tooling. These concepts are directed at allowing the robot system to be used to perform a variety of tasks with minimal setup time and to allow easy replication of an(More)
Acupuncture as a therapeutic modality offers multiple applications. Its effectiveness coupled with its general acceptance by conventional health care professionals makes it one of the first complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) modalities to be incorporated in an integrative approach to care. However, few centers that offer acupuncture have written(More)
This paper outlines the development of a data-driven, fine pitch component placement machine, PPA-A, which is an integrated robotic workcell developed for attaching fine pitch integrated circuit components to printed circuit boards. In particular, the objectives for the machine are reviewed, and an overview of the solution is given. Problems encountered(More)
Ordinarily, a robot workspace has insufficient room to allow the setup of multiple applications simultaneously. As a result, it is common practice to use modular fixtures which hold the workpiece while the robot performs one of the applications. When the product line is to be changed, the fixture is replaced. Doing this generally requires reprogramming the(More)
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