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We review a model of computation used in industrial practice in signal processing software environments and experimentally in other contexts. We give this model the name " dataflow process networks, " and study its formal properties as well as its utility as a basis for programming language design. Variants of this model are used in commercial visual(More)
The POEMS project is creating an environment for end-to-end performance modeling of complex parallel and distributed systems, spanning the domains of application software, runtime and operating system software, and hardware architecture. To enable end-to-end modeling of large-scale applications and systems, the POEMS framework is designed to compose models(More)
This paper defines and describes a fully distributed implementation of Google's highly effective Pagerank algorithm , for " peer to peer " (P2P) systems. The implementation is based on chaotic (asynchronous) iterative solution of linear systems. The P2P implementation also enables incre-mental computation of pageranks as new documents are entered into or(More)
@ Annotated directed-grapb representations ofparallel programs simplify pi-ogra mming and debugging by providing a single, consistent fra mework that separates a program's sequential computations from its parallel structure. arallel architectures have clearly emerged as the future environments for high-performance computation for most applications. The(More)
This paper deenes, describes and illustrates a systems engineering process for development of software systems implementing high performance computing applications. The example which drives the creation of this process is development of a exible and extendible program development infrastructure for parallel structured adap-tive meshes, the HDDA/DAGH(More)
This paper presents the design, development and application of a computational infrastructure to support the implementation of parallel adaptive algorithms for the solution of sets of partial differential equations. The infrastructure is separated into multiple layers of abstraction. This paper is primarily concerned with the two lowest layersof this(More)