James C Barthel

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The aim of this study was to design in vitro growth protocols that can comprehensively quantify articular cartilage structure-function relations via measurement of mechanical and biochemical properties. Newborn bovine patellofemoral groove articular cartilage explants were tested sequentially in confined compression (CC), unconfined compression (UCC), and(More)
Our research provides a first step towards a systematic, cell-level study of the effects of shock waves on the mechanical and biochemical properties of cells on solid supports. Motivated to better understand the relationship between shock exposure and heterotopic ossification (HO) a type of soft tissue injury, we designed an experimental setup to expose(More)
Heavy metals contamination can be found at battery acid recycling sites, electroplating facilities, military installations, firing ranges, brownfields redevelopment sites, and associated with mining activities. The chemical stabilization process uses non-hazardous chemical binders that permanently stabilize heavy metals. The treated soils contain stable(More)
Shinichi Abe Muhammad Bilal Abid B Adeleye Joan Arvedson James Barthel Peter Belafsky Mark Bianchi Joel Blumin Leonardo Bonilha Heather Bonilha Worth Boyce S Brady Daniel Brasnu James G. Brasseur Deanna Britton Martin Brodsky Margareta Bulow Margareta Bülow Adam Burbidge Susan Butler Giselle Carnaby Danielle Carneiro Chin-wen Chang Ratanapat Chanubol Julie(More)
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