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In this article, we provide guidance for substantive researchers on the use of structural equation modeling in practice for theory testing and development. We present a comprehensive, two-step modeling approach that employs a series of nested models and sequential chi-square difference tests. We discuss the comparative advantages of this approach over a(More)
In this paper we examine the use of the key informant methodology by researchers investigating interorganizational relationships. To increase the reliability of informant reports, the use of multiple informants has often been advocated. However, interorganizational research still tends to rely on single informants. Here, we investigate issues having to do(More)
This study investigates the adoption of total cost of ownership (TCO) analysis to improve sourcing decisions. TCO can be seen as an application of activity based costing (ABC) that quantifies the costs that are involved in acquiring and using purchased goods or services. TCO supports purchasing decision-makers in focusing on total value received and not(More)
Experimental and analytical studies are conducted on four repair/upgrade details for welded moment connections. The first of these seeks to improve the weld material without doing anything to the beam and column sections at the joint (weld enhancement). The simplest of these removes the cracked weld material and replaces it with a more ductile, notch-tough(More)
Preliminary evidence suggests that fetal movement in response to vibrotactile stimulation "habituates" with repeated exposure. If demonstrated in fetuses, the habituation paradigm may be useful as a measure of fetal well-being or as a predictor of neonatal outcome. However, the ability of the fetal response decrement phenomenon to meet criteria for(More)
We also want to thank the three reviewers and the editor for their helpful comments and suggestions. ABSTRACT The authors investigate how purchasing managers combine information about product offerings' values and prices to make purchase decisions. The results of two field studies show that managers do not regard monetarily-equivalent changes in value and(More)
Red-shifted bioluminescent emitters allow improved in vivo tissue penetration and signal quantification, and have led to the development of beetle luciferin analogues that elicit red-shifted bioluminescence with firefly luciferase (Fluc). However, unlike natural luciferin, none have been shown to emit different colors with different luciferases. We have(More)