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Doing Deals: Investment Banks at Work.
Doing Deals is an in-depth explanation of the unique management style of investment banks. Represented are insights drawn from 17 U.S. investment banks, 21 issuing customers, and 10 EuropeanExpand
Theories of Democratic Civil-Military Relations
This article reviews civil-military relations theory applied to mature democratic states. It assumes that the important theoretical problem is how to maintain a military that sustains and protectsExpand
Race Relations within the US Military
Sociologists now often say that the US military is a model of good race relations. Although there is no denying progress made in military race relations, especially since establishment of theExpand
Ballots and Bullets: The Elusive Democratic Peace
This text disputes the belief that "democracies don't fight each other". The author argues that those who belive a democratic peace exists, typically examine the 1815-1980 period as a whole,Expand
Public Support for Peacekeeping in Lebanon and Somalia: Assessing the Casualties Hypothesis
Among the many lessons that the U.S. military and political leaders drew from the Vietnam War, one was that the military could not deploy effectively or for very long without public support. AnotherExpand
Morris Janowitz and the Origins of Sociological Research on Armed Forces and Society
Despite early recognition of the importance of military institutions for understanding social organization and social change, sociology established no strong research tradition to study the militaryExpand
The Origins of Federal Securities Regulation: A Case Study in the Social Control of Finance
Aiming to increase our understanding of hozw the power of financiers is constrained by social controls, this paper examines the capacity of "market failures" and "group interest" theories to explainExpand
Peacekeepers and Their Wives: American Participation in the Multinational Force and Observers.
The Evolution of Peacekeeping as a Military Mission The History of Multinational Peacekeeping The Middle East: Crucible of Peacekeeping The Social Construction of Peacekeeping Research on Soldiers inExpand