James Brunskill

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Packet header traces are widely used in network analysis. Header traces are the aggregate of traffic from many concurrent applications. We present a methodology, based on machine learning, that can break the trace down into clusters of traffic where each cluster has different traffic characteristics. Typical clusters include bulk transfer, single and(More)
BACKGROUND Concern exists over delays in the management of lung cancer patients. Maximum waiting times and a multidisciplinary team (MDT) approach have been recommended in several recent national reports. OBJECTIVE Having implemented a MDT approach, we wished to assess whether national recommendations were achievable and to identify the major factors(More)
The effects of zinc pyrithione (ZnPTO) were studied in a series of in vitro tests to determine whether its mode of action is primarily cytostatic or cytotoxic. Sodium pyrithione (NaPTO) was also studied, to check that pyrithione was the active moiety, and the known cytostatic chemical hydroxyurea was included for comparison. ZnPTO had a reversible(More)
A broad range of analytical methods has been used to investigate the expression of key differentiation markers in keratinocytes cultured by a modified feeder layer technique. Cultures were stratified and showed many of the features characteristic of epidermal differentiation in vivo including tonofilaments, desmosomes, loss of organelles and thickening of(More)
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