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Rapid Golgi impregnations of the ascending branches of the auditory nerve fibers and of the types of neurons in the anteroventral cochlear nucleus (AVCN) were studied. Entire ascending branches could be observed, some of these branches project to each subdivision, others do not. There are two main typesof large neurons: the bushy and stellate cells.(More)
The distribution of somatostatin was studied in the rat with an immunoperoxidase technique and rabbit anti-somatostatin. Somatostatinergic neurons were identified in the preoptic and anterior periventricular hypothalamus between the anterior commissure, optic chiasm, and the anterior portion of the ventromedial nucleus.
The concept of estrogen-induced "sexual differentiation of the brain" has been a useful focus for investigation. However, it has become clear that the action of estrogen on the rat brain is lifelong, including effects on neurogenesis in the fetus, synaptogenesis in the newborn, and synaptic remodeling in the adult. Estrogen imparts sex differences in the(More)
Large subcutaneous doses (2 mg/21 days) of estradiol valerate (EV) given over several months will induce a prolactin and growth hormone-secreting pituitary tumor in female rats. The medial basal hypothalami (MBHs) of such EV-treated animals were examined at different time intervals with light and electron microscopes to determine whether EV affects the MBH(More)