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  • J Braun
  • 2001
A diffusion-convection equation is used to model granular segregation within a mixture of particles of different size, shape, or surface structure in a vertical vessel. Convection describes competition between species in vertical direction whereas random noise (shaking) allows particles to exchange positions. For two species it is shown that the moving(More)
A well-known potential dark matter signature is emission of GeV-TeV neutrinos from annihilation of neutralinos gravitationally bound to massive objects. We present results from recent searches for high energy neutrino emission from the Sun with AMANDA, in all cases revealing no significant excess. We show limits on both neutralino-induced muon flux from the(More)
The purpose of the study was to characterize flow properties within a clinical pusher plate type artificial heart. Dual camera video tape and synchronized still photographs were used to study flow patterns. Diffused light and a planar laser source provided illumination. The laser light was turned into a plane of light with a thickness varying from 0.1 to 10(More)
NQMA-THE-05 Self consistent and covariant propagation of pions, nucleon and isobar resonances 145 in cold nuclear matter NQMA-THE-13 Collective flow of open and hidden charm in the hadron/string picture 153 NQMA-THE-31 The progress and the crisis in the understanding QCD phase diagram 171 Symmetric nuclear matter has been studied extensively. However ,(More)
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