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As users increasingly operate in various social networking sites and virtual worlds for online interaction, the prevalence of one's online personal presence grows along with the amount of personal information contained in these environments. As our online identities are infused with our every day "real" lives, the virtual can have consequences far(More)
Technologies such as virtual worlds have become an increasing area for research over the past several years. Many active internet users are using virtual worlds like Second Life for social interactions of all kinds. These mediums are a growing trend for online communication; the impacts of using this technology are of importance. In this paper, the authors(More)
Through the use of a multi-agent system composed of emotionally enhanced sets of agents, we investigate how emotion plays a role in inter-agent communication, cooperation , goal achievement and perception. The behaviors of each agent are derived from its perception of the environment , its goals, knowledge gained from other agents and based on its own(More)