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—People waste many hours driving each day. Although unavoidable, this time can be very boring to motorists. Similar to people taking mass transit who often pass the time socializing with those around them, motorists could benefit from social interactions if they were given broader social opportunities. Unfortunately, existing Multiparty Voice Communication(More)
  • Hippolyte Fofack, Léonce Ndikumana, Ibi Ajayi, Melvin Ayogu, James Boyce, Stephany Griffith-Jones +5 others
  • 2010
Despite the substantial recent increase in capital flows to sub-Saharan Africa (SSA), the sub-continent remains largely marginalized in financial globalization and chronically dependent on official development aid. The current debate on resource mobilization for development financing in Africa has overlooked the problem of capital flight, which constitutes(More)
This paper analyzes if neighborhood income inequality has an effect on informal regulation of environmental quality, using census tract–level data on industrial air pollution exposure from EPA's Risk Screening Environmental Indicators and income and demographic variables from the American Community Survey and EPA's Smart Location Database. Estimating a(More)
  • Fırat Demir, Omar S Dahi, James Boyce, Amitava K Dutt, James Hartigan, Robin Grier +4 others
  • 2011
Using bilateral trade data in total and technology-and-skill-intensive manufactured goods for 28 developing countries that account for 82% of all developing country manufactures exports between 1978 and 2005, this paper explores the effects of financial development on the pattern of specialization in South-South and South-North trade. The empirical results(More)
We examine the role of delivery of subsidized seeds and fertilizers in the form of agricultural minikits by local governments in three successive farm panels in West Bengal spanning 1982-95. These programs significantly raised farm value added per acre, accounting for almost two thirds of the observed growth. The estimates are robust to possible endogeneity(More)
  • Mustafa Caglayan, Omar S Dahi, Firat Demir, James Boyce, Amitava K Dutt, Kevin Grier +1 other
  • 2012
This paper investigates the effects of real exchange rate uncertainty on manufactures exports from 28 emerging economies, representing 82% of all developing country manufactures exports, and explores the sources of heterogeneity in the uncertainty effects by controlling for the direction of trade (South-North or South-South), and the level of financial(More)
  • Steven T Boyce, J Howard James, Y L Williams, James Boyce, Boyce, James +1 other
  • 2006
Applications for a valid analogue of human skin include treatment of full-thickness skin wounds, alternatives to animals for safety testing of consumer products, and investigations of skin biology and pathology. In vitro models of cultured skin have been developed from combinations of cultured human keratinocytes and fibroblasts, and biopolymer substrates,(More)
Globalization – viewed as a process of economic integration that embraces governance as well as markets – could lead to worldwide convergence toward higher or lower environmental quality, or to environmental polarization in which the 'greening' of the global North is accompanied by the 'browning' of the global South. The outcome will not be dictated by an(More)
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