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We examine the role of delivery of subsidized seeds and fertilizers in the form of agricultural minikits by local governments in three successive farm panels in West Bengal spanning 1982-95. These programs significantly raised farm value added per acre, accounting for almost two thirds of the observed growth. The estimates are robust to possible endogeneity(More)
This paper develops and tests several models of pure Nash strategies of individuals who extract from a common pool resource when they are motivated by a combination of selfinterest and preferences for altruism, reciprocity, inequity aversion and conformity. Using data from a series of common pool resource experiments conducted in three rural areas of(More)
People waste many hours driving each day. Although unavoidable, this time can be very boring to motorists. Similar to people taking mass transit who often pass the time socializing with those around them, motorists could benefit from social interactions if they were given broader social opportunities. Unfortunately, existing Multiparty Voice Communication(More)
This paper explores the role of group heterogeneity in collective action among forest communities in northwestern Himalayas. Based on data from 54 forest communities in Himachal Pradesh, India, this paper finds that heterogeneity has at least three dimensions: wealth, social identity and interest in the resource, and each may significantly affect collective(More)
This paper presents the results from a series of framed field experiments conducted in fishing communities off the Caribbean coast of Colombia. The goal is to investigate the relative effectiveness of exogenous regulatory pressure and pro-social emotions in promoting cooperative behavior in a public goods context. The random public revelation of an(More)
Using bilateral trade data in total and technology-and-skill-intensive manufactured goods for 28 developing countries that account for 82% of all developing country manufactures exports between 1978 and 2005, this paper explores the effects of financial development on the pattern of specialization in South-South and South-North trade. The empirical results(More)
Acknowledgements We are grateful to Maria Claudia Lopez and members of the Faculty of Environmental and Rural Studies at Javeriana University in Bogotá, Colombia who provided outstanding support for our work in the field. At each site, the experiments would not have been possible without the assistance of local community leaders that helped the research(More)
I N THE FIRST OF HIS WELL-KNOWN 95 THESES OF 1517, MARTIN LUTHER WROTE, “When our Lord and Master, Jesus Christ, said ‘Repent,’ He called for the entire life of believers to be one of penitence.” Luther’s call for the centrality of repentance in the life of the Christian signals a key perspective in the theology of the reformer. To judge from his writings(More)
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