James Blyth

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Candida albicans, the most common human fungal pathogen, is particularly problematic for immunocompromised individuals. The reversible transition of this fungal pathogen to a filamentous form that invades host tissue is important for its virulence. Although different signaling pathways such as a mitogen-activated protein kinase and a protein kinase A(More)
The utilization of wind energy for power generation purposes is becoming increasingly attractive and gaining a great share in the electrical power production market worldwide. In the present study, a mathematical model is developed to study the parameters that affect the electrical power generated by the wind turbines. The considered parameters are turbine(More)
UNDER a scheme sponsored and developed over a period of years by the British Empire Cancer Campaign, the birds of the inbred Brown Leghom flock maintained by one of us (A. W. G.) at the Institute of Animal Genetics, Edin-burgh, were made available to research workers using avian tumours as well as those engaged in other branches of cancer work. This allowed(More)
This study investigated the potential application of allyl isothiocyanate (AITC) for the disinfection of water by examining the bactericidal effects of this compound against inoculated Escherichia coli in autoclaved, de-chlorinated tap water and against the natural microbiota (heterotrophic plate count bacteria, HPCs) in a surface water. Bacteriostatic(More)
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