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BACKGROUND The NICE guidelines were published in 2003 in an effort to standardise the management of traumatic head injuries, and advise a CT brain in certain situations. AIM To evaluate the influence of the NICE guidelines on the management of head injuries in a county hospital. METHODS Complete clinical data were obtained for all patients with(More)
Paracetamol is involved in a large proportion of overdoses that present to the Emergency Department (ED), either as lone or mixed overdoses. Non-treatment of toxic levels can lead to fulminant liver failure. This study is to determine the impact the new UK treatment guidelines will have on patients presenting with paracetamol overdose. A retrospective(More)
Dear Editor, We have read the article entitled ‘A prospective observational study of techniques to remove corneal foreign body in the emergency department.’ by Quirke et al with interest. We congratulate the authors that they called attention to an important issue in the emergency settings. The study aimed to compare the slit-lamp-aided technique of(More)
INTRODUCTION Patients  with corneal foreign bodies (CFBs) often present to the emergency department (ED). However, removal techniques vary among emergency physicians (EPs). A prospective, single-blinded, observational study was performed to compare slit-lamp-aided (SLA) versus non-slit-lamp-aided (NSLA) CFB removal by EPs. METHODS Five EPs enrolled(More)
The founders of the Casualty Surgeons Association could scarcely have envisaged, back in 1967, that their successors 30 years later would be giving streptokinase to patients who presented to their departments with acute myocardial infarction. Therefore I shall not try to predict what will be going on in accident and emergency (A&E) departments in 25 years(More)
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