James Benson

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—In this paper, we present a compact model for silicon on -insulator (SOI) laterally double diffused (LD) MOSFETs. The model is complete insofar as it uses no subcircuits, and is intended to predict device operation in all regions of bias. The device current is described by two main equations handling the MOS channel and the drift region, both of which are(More)
Simple and effective cryopreservation of human oocytes would have an enormous impact on the financial and ethical constraints of human assisted reproduction. Recently, studies have demonstrated the potential for cryopreservation in an ice-free glassy state by equilibrating oocytes with high concentrations of cryoprotectants (CPAs) and rapidly cooling to(More)
A binge drinking pattern of alcohol consumption has been shown to have an impact on brain structures that continue to develop into late adolescence. These same brain structures have been implicated in processing self-movement cues. The current study applies an array of existing and novel kinematic analysis techniques to characterize performance on(More)
Animals use multiple strategies to maintain spatial orientation. Dead reckoning is a form of spatial navigation that depends on self-movement cue processing. During dead reckoning, the generation of self-movement cues from a starting position to an animal's current position allow for the estimation of direction and distance to the position movement(More)
Ice-free cryopreservation, known as vitrification, is an appealing approach for banking of adherent cells and tissues because it prevents dissociation and morphological damage that may result from ice crystal formation. However, current vitrification methods are often limited by the cytotoxicity of the concentrated cryoprotective agent (CPA) solutions that(More)
Severely handicapped psychiatric patients in long-term day care were questioned about their perceptions of their skills, motivation to perform a range of everyday tasks, current problems and coping strategies. Patients were found to respond reliably and consistently to these questions. It is argued that effective service planning must take account of(More)
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