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For sedentary organisms with localized reproduction, spatially clustered growth drives the invasive advance of a favorable mutation. We model competition between two alleles where recurrent mutation introduces a genotype with a rate of local propagation exceeding the resident's rate. We capture ecologically important properties of the rare invader's(More)
  • J Basham
  • 2001
It is recognized that exposure to airborne pollutants can have a negative effect on human health. The Environment Agency in England and Wales has a statutory responsibility under the Environment Act 1990 to regulate emissions to air from large industrial processes with regard to the requirements of the National Air Quality Strategy (NAQS). A technique was(More)
Dramatic increases in K—12 online education for all students, including those in traditionally underserved populations, necessi­ tate a reconceptualization in the way educators plan and implement instruction. In this article the authors examine the complex array of variables and implementation models that must be accounted for during the pivot from a purely(More)
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