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Biodiversity loss from deforestation may be partly offset by the expansion of secondary forests and plantation forestry in the tropics. However, our current knowledge of the value of these habitats for biodiversity conservation is limited to very few taxa, and many studies are severely confounded by methodological shortcomings. We examined the conservation(More)
BACKGROUND Telehealth (TH) and telecare (TC) interventions are increasingly valued for supporting self-care in ageing populations; however, evaluation studies often report high rates of non-participation that are not well understood. This paper reports from a qualitative study nested within a large randomised controlled trial in the UK: the Whole System(More)
We have conducted a systematic review of home telecare for frail elderly people and for patients with chronic conditions. We searched 17 electronic databases, the reference lists of identified studies, conference proceedings and Websites for studies available in January 2006. We identified summaries of 8666 studies, which were assessed independently for(More)
In healthcare there is a long held wisdom that 'champions' are a key aspect of organizational change. Drawing on organizational management theory, we examine the role of champions in three health and social care organizations in England as they attempt to move services to a remote model of delivery, 'telecare'. The delivery of remote care is a significant(More)
BACKGROUND To investigate organisational factors influencing the implementation challenges of redesigning services for people with long term conditions in three locations in England, using remote care (telehealth and telecare). METHODS Case-studies of three sites forming the UK Department of Health's Whole Systems Demonstrator (WSD) Programme. Qualitative(More)
BACKGROUND Complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) is a growing industry in the health care system. In Ireland, to date there has not been a study that evaluates the knowledge of, interest in, and attitude of Irish medical students toward CAM. OBJECTIVES This research can serve as a pilot study to inform Irish medical schools on the need to introduce(More)
This paper discusses the role of public demand, in the form of a government procurement policy, in generating innovative solutions for healthcare infrastructure. It considers the effects of the project delivery system (planning, finance, construction and operation) for new hospitals on design innovation. It focuses on hospitals built under the UK's private(More)
OBJECTIVES Whole system integration of health and social care has been positioned as key to improving care, increasing efficiency and controlling costs. However, evidence for the benefits of whole system integration is scarce. Drawing on organizational theory, this study uses the implementation of remote care services, viewed as an enabler for whole system(More)