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Insects used in research have traditionally been housed and cared for in the investigator's laboratory. Centralized colony maintenance may be advantageous, but presents unique challenges to animal care staff members, who are more familiar with vertebrate research animals. To fill this potential knowledge gap, the authors share the procedures they have(More)
The manufacturing inspection process for jet engine components, such as fan blades, requires a coordinated real-time control/acquisition system consisting of mechanical/electrical/control/signal processing components. A typical inspection system for composite testing (specifically - Boeing 777) utilizes a combination of mechanical control systems in(More)
At the authors' facility, housing arrangements for Xenopus laevis were cumbersome and labor-intensive, requiring technicians to wash frog tanks by hand several times a week. The authors describe an alternative housing solution they implemented by modifying a rack system that was originally used to maintain zebrafish. The rack's self-contained water(More)
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