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Exploratory software testing is a powerful approach, yet widely misunderstood. In some situations, it can be orders of magnitude more productive than scripted testing. All testers practice some form of exploratory testing, unless they simply don't create tests at all. Yet few of us study this approach, and it doesn't get much respect in our field. This(More)
Automated black box, GUI-level regression test tools are popular in the industry. According to the popular mythology, people with little programming experience can use these tools to quickly create extensive test suites. The tools are (allegedly) easy to use. Maintenance of the test suites is (allegedly) not a problem. Therefore, the story goes, a(More)
This paper describes an agile approach to test automation for medium to large software projects. Consider creating a small team of test toolsmiths who will apply agile development principles to the problem of test automation. What this means is, on a daily basis, they will pair with testers, witness the test strategy unfold, and find ways to apply a variety(More)
This is risk-based testing: 1. Make a prioritized list of risks. 2. Perform testing that explores each risk. 3. As risks evaporate and new ones emerge, adjust your test effort to stay focused on the current crop. Any questions? Well, now that you know what risk-based testing is, I can devote the rest of the article to explaining why you might want to do it,(More)