James B. Wood

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a r t i c l e i n f o Animals often respond to attacks from predators with behaviors directed at the predator that increase the probability of escape. Some animals also respond to attacks with behaviors that release signals or cues that are detected by conspecifics and enhance escape. Cephalopods, with their complex nervous systems, produce many behaviors,(More)
Age differences in odor identification were investigated by using relatively familiar and unfamiliar chemical stimuli and enhancing the retrieval environment by restrictive reminding of memories evoked by stimulus during initial presentation. Age differences were seen in initial identification, in learning the labels of items in the stimulus set, in(More)
Age-specific suicide rates are presented, based on 207 white patients of the Missouri Department of Mental Health who were identified as having committed suicide during 1972-74. Results, divided by age, sex, diagnosis and patient status, are compared with other studies. Male inpatients are about five times more likely to commit suicide compared to the(More)
  • R J Beninger, S B Kendall, Vanderwolf, C Brown, M P Garwood, J E Williamson +35 others
  • 2015
photic induction of Fos-like immunoreactivity in the suprachiasmatic nucleus cells of diurnal chipmunk, Eutamias asiaticus. (2012). "It pays to cheat: Tactical deception in a cephalopod social signalling system". Effects of lesions of the suprachiasmatic nuclei on paradoxical sleep and slow wave sleep circadian rhythms in the rat. (2004). Daily and(More)
INTRODUCTION Primary angiitis of the central nervous system is a rare disease of unclear etiology. There is no single test diagnostic of primary angiitis of the central nervous system. We report an unusual pattern on brain magnetic resonance imaging that might be specific for primary angiitis of the central nervous system. CASE PRESENTATION A 47-year-old(More)
INTRODUCTION Estimates indicate that West Nile virus infects approximately one and a half million people in the United States of America. Up to 1% may develop West Nile virus neuroinvasive disease, in which infected patients develop any combination of meningitis, encephalitis, or acute paralysis. CASE PRESENTATION A 56-year-old African-American man(More)
The well-known ability of octopuses to escape enclosures is a behavior that can be fatal and, therefore, is an animal welfare issue. This study obtained survey data from 38 participants-primarily scientists and public aquarists who work with octopuses-on 25 described species of octopus. The study demonstrates that the likeliness to escape is species(More)
CephBase is an online, user-friendly database directed towards the scientific community in order to disseminate information about cephalopods (a class of mollusks including octopus, cuttlefish, and nautilus). Although, our initial audience was scientists, we found that the majority of our users were students, educators, and the general public [1].(More)
Earlier studies of mortality of psychiatric patients are reviewed, and agreements and inconsistencies related to age, sex, diagnosis and cause of death are noted. The authors then analyze 5,268 deaths during a 5-year period of current or former patients in Missouri public psychiatric hospitals and mental health clinics, calculating mortality ratios that are(More)