James B. Rosenzweig

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J. Andruszkow,16 B. Aune,4 V. Ayvazyan,27 N. Baboi,10 R. Bakker,2 V. Balakin,3 D. Barni,14 A. Bazhan,3 M. Bernard,21 A. Bosotti,14 J. C. Bourdon,21 W. Brefeld,6 R. Brinkmann,6 S. Buhler,19 J.-P. Carneiro,9 M. Castellano,13 P. Castro,6 L. Catani,15 S. Chel,4 Y. Cho,1 S. Choroba,6 E. R. Colby,9,* W. Decking,6 P. Den Hartog,1 M. Desmons,4 M. Dohlus,6 D.(More)
In this paper we provide an analytical description for the transverse dynamics of relativistic, space-chargedominated beams undergoing strong acceleration, such as those typically produced by rf photoinjectors. These beams are chiefly characterized by a fast transition, due to strong acceleration, from the nonrelativistic to the relativistic regime in which(More)
A new scheme for plasma electron injection into an acceleration phase of a plasma wake field is presented. In this scheme, a single, short electron pulse travels through an underdense plasma with a sharp, localized, downward density transition. Near this transition, a number of background plasma electrons are trapped in the plasma wake field, due to the(More)
We report the near-steady-state propagation over long distance of a 25 psec, tightly focused relativistic electron beam which creates, by radial ejection of plasma electrons, a focusing ion channel in a plasma of electron density smaller than the beam. A dense beam core, close in radius to the injected beam, which was nearly matched to the ion focusing(More)
Contributed to 2nd ICFA Advanced Accelerator Workshop on The Physics of High Brightness Beams, 11/9/1999—11/12/1999, Los Angeles, CA, USA M. Ferrario, J. E. Clendenin, D. T. Palmer, J. B. Rosenzweig^, L. Serafini # INFN Laboratori Nazionali di Frascati, Via E. Fermi 40, 00044 Frascati (Roma), Italy Stanford Linear Accelerator Center Stanford Univeristy,(More)
We have recently added a dispersionless translating section to the UCLA Neptune linear accelerator beamline. This new section of beamline will serve as a venue for beam shaping and compression experiments using the 14MeV electron beam produced by the UCLA Neptune PWT linac and newly installed photoinjector. An examination of the first and second-order(More)
011301-1 Plasma density transition trapping is a recently proposed self-injection scheme for plasma wakefield accelerators. This technique uses a sharp downward plasma density transition to trap and accelerate background plasma electrons in a plasma wakefield. This paper examines the quality of electron beams captured using this scheme in terms of(More)