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BACKGROUND Enhanced influenza vaccines are needed to provide improved protection for elderly individuals. The intradermal vaccination route was hypothesized to provide immunogenicity superior to that provided by the intramuscular vaccination route. METHODS In a multicenter, randomized study, 1107 volunteers >60 years of age received intradermal trivalent(More)
Ulcerative mucositis is a painful, debilitating and dose-limiting toxicity of cancer chemotherapy. Current treatment is largely palliative and no adequate preventive treatment exists. Recently, we reported that recombinant human(rh) interleukin 11 (IL-11) favourably modified the course of mucositis following a single stomatotoxic regimen of 5-fluorouracil(More)
OBJECTIVE To measure the sensitivity of modern CT in patients presenting to the emergency department and evaluated for possible subarachnoid haemorrhage, with particular attention to those presenting within 12 h of ictus. DESIGN Retrospective cohort study. SETTING Large district general hospital emergency department seeing 73,500 new attendances per(More)
Instrumental variables are often associated with low estimator precision. This paper explores efficiency gains which might be achievable using moment conditions which are nonlinear in the disturbances and are based on flexible parametric families for error distributions. We show that these estimators can achieve the semiparametric efficiency bound when the(More)
To compare the ability of intermittent calf compression with that of sequential leg compression to prevent venous stasis, the clearance time of radiopaque dye, as determined by sequential phleborheograms performed on anesthetized patients, were compared. Calf compression was superior to no compression in clearing the dye from the calf alone, but did not aid(More)
While some eŒorts have been made to formalize the choice of parameters for arti ® cial neural networks (multi-level perceptrons) using the backpropagation (BP) algorithm, studies reported in the literature to date appear to be dominated by use of heuristic methods of design. The objective of this paper is to test the comparative performance of neural(More)