James B. McDonald

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Instrumental variables are often associated with low estimator precision. This paper explores efficiency gains which might be achievable using moment conditions which are nonlinear in the disturbances and are based on flexible parametric families for error distributions. We show that these estimators can achieve the semiparametric efficiency bound when the(More)
Robust estimation techniques based on symmetric probability distributions are often substituted for OLS to obtain efficient regression parameters with thick-tail distributed data. The empirical, simulation and theoretical results in this paper show that with skewed distributed data, symmetric robust estimation techniques produce biased regression(More)
The distribution of stock returns and capital asset pricing model (CAPM) regression residuals are typically characterized by skewness and kurtosis. We apply four flexible probability density functions (pdf's) to model possible skewness and kurtosis in estimating the parameters of the CAPM and compare the corresponding estimates with OLS and other symmetric(More)