James B. Mann

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Epidemiological studies have suggested an etiologic relationship between pesticide exposure and Parkinson's disease (PD). Organochlorine pesticides were assayed in postmortem brain samples from 20 PD, 7 Alzheimer's disease (AD), and 14 nonneurological control cases. The three groups were similar in age at death, sex, and demographic variables. Only two of(More)
Autoregulatory progressive resistance exercise (APRE) is a method by which athletes increase strength by progressing at their own pace based on daily and weekly variations in performance, unlike traditional linear periodization (LP), where there is a set increase in intensity from week to week. This study examined whether 6 weeks of APRE was more effective(More)
Continuous production of Al 6061-T6 particulate using modulation-assisted machining (MAM) is demonstrated. Superimposition of a controlled, low-frequency modulation in conventional machining causes chips to form as discrete particles. By adjusting the conditions, equiaxed, platelet and fiber-shaped particles having narrow size distributions can be produced.(More)
The behaviour of synthetic absorbable sutures, polyglycolic acid (PGA) and polydioxanone (PDS), has been tested in an experimental guinea pig model utilising synergistic enteric bacteria. Braided PDS gave a wound sepsis rate of 42%, monofilament PDS 36%, and PGA 26%, while sepsis rate in the controls was 30%. The dissolution characteristics of PGA and(More)
The National Football League (NFL)-225 test has gained popularity for assessing muscular performance among college football programs. Although the test is a measure of absolute muscular endurance, it was reputed to be highly correlated with maximum muscular strength. The purposes of this study were to assess the predictive potential of the NFL-225 test for(More)
Stress-injury models of health suggest that athletes experience more physical injuries during times of high stress. The purpose of this study was to evaluate the effect of increased physical and academic stress on injury restrictions for athletes (n = 101) on a division I college football team. Weeks of the season were categorized into 3 levels: high(More)
The NFL-225 test is widely used to assess the strength level and evaluate the progress of college football players during resistance training. Despite the studies evaluating the validity of this test, there are no reports assessing its reliability. The purpose of this study was to determine the reliability and smallest worthwhile difference (SWD) of the(More)