James B. Holt

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This paper investigates spatiotemporal interpolation methods for the application of air pollution assessment. The air pollutant of interest in this paper is fine particulate matter PM2.5. The choice of the time scale is investigated when applying the shape function-based method. It is found that the measurement scale of the time dimension has an impact on(More)
BACKGROUND COPD remains a leading cause of morbidity and mortality. The objectives of this study were to estimate (1) national US COPD-attributable annual medical costs by payer (direct) and absenteeism (indirect) in 2010 and projected medical costs through 2020 and (2) state-specific COPD-attributable medical and absenteeism costs in 2010. METHODS We(More)
BACKGROUND Little national evidence is available on spatial disparities in distributions of parks and green spaces in the USA. PURPOSE This study examines ecological associations of spatial access to parks and green spaces with percentages of black, Hispanic, and low-income residents across the urban-rural continuum in the conterminous USA. METHODS(More)
AIMS Average daily alcohol consumption is usually calculated based on self-reports of the quantity (number of drinks consumed per drinking-day) and frequency (number of drinking-days) of alcohol consumption within a given time period. However, this method may underestimate average daily alcohol consumption (and in turn, the prevalence of heavy drinking),(More)
An Internet mapping application is being introduced in conjunction with the release of the second version of the Community Health Status Indicators (CHSI) Report. The CHSI Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Analyst is an easy-to-use Web-based mapping application that provides new opportunities for the visualization, exploration, and understanding of the(More)
BACKGROUND The WHO has recognized environmental noise as harmful pollution that causes adverse psychosocial and physiologic effects (i.e., annoyance and sleep disturbance) on human health. In Europe, noise-related health studies have been actively conducted, but the U.S. has lagged behind in this research field. PURPOSE This research predicted ambient(More)
Socioeconomic and health-related data at the county level are now available through the Community Health Status Indicators (CHSI) database. These data are useful for assessing the health of communities and regions. Users of the CHSI data can access online reports and an online mapping application for visualizing patterns in various community-related(More)
Environmental noise is a major source of public complaints. Noise in the community causes physical and socio-economic effects and has been shown to be related to adverse health impacts. Noise, however, has not been actively researched in the United States compared with the European Union countries in recent years. In this research, we aimed at modeling road(More)
The objective of the study was to estimate the prevalence of periodontitis at state and local levels across the United States by using a novel, small area estimation (SAE) method. Extended multilevel regression and poststratification analyses were used to estimate the prevalence of periodontitis among adults aged 30 to 79 y at state, county, congressional(More)
Using noise prediction models, we explored the transportation noise levels of Youngdeungpo-gu, an urbanized area of Seoul Metropolitan City in the Republic of Korea. In addition, we estimated the population exposed to transportation noise levels and determined how many people are vulnerable to noise levels that would cause serious annoyance and sleep(More)