James B. Heaney

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A technique for producing adherent and well-protected front surface Ag mirrors with an evaporated Al(2)O(3) + SiO(x) overcoat and an evaporated Al(2)O(3) underlayer is described. A thin Al(2)O(3) layer promotes adhesion between the Ag film and its substrate. The optimum thickness of each outer layer necessary to give good adhesion and protection to the Ag(More)
The solar absorptivity (alpha) and the total normal and hemispherical emissivities (? (n) and ?) of vacuum deposited Al coated with silicon oxide films prepared by evaporation of SiO were determined. For Al coated with true SiO films evaporated at 5 x 10(-7) Torr and deposited at rates >30 A/sec, both and e increase but alpha/? decreases more rapidly with(More)
Disordered thin film SiO2/SiOx coatings undergoing electron-beam bombardment exhibit cathodoluminescence, which can produce deleterious stray background light in cryogenic space-based astronomical observatories exposed to highenergy electron fluxes from space plasmas. As future observatory missions push the envelope into more extreme environments and more(More)
A photolithographic process has been used to form cross-shaped patterns in 3-μm-thick nickel foils. Patterns with cross arm dimensions in the 10-20-μm range, and with periodicities in the 16-26-μm range, yield self-resonant bandpass filters for wavelengths in the 20-25-μm region. Transmittances as high as 80% were achieved with center(More)
The radiant output of a noise tube (C. P. Clare Model TN-167), designed for the 90-140-GHz (3.3-2.1-mm) frequency range, has been compared with that from mercury lamps over the wavelength region from 0.4 to ~6 mm. Lamellar grating and Michelson Fourier transform spectrometers were used in conjunction with He cooled bolometers of NEP from 10(-12) to 10(-14)(More)
Freshly prepared samples of evaporated Al + 250 A of MgF(2) on glass were subjected to analysis by Auger electron spectroscopy coupled with surface erosion by Ar+ ion bombardment before and after uv irradiation. The analysis identified C and 0 on the mirror surfaces prior to irradiation and the addition of Si after uv irradiation in vacuum. The relative(More)