James B. Gabriel

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The usefulness of chromic oxide as an indicator in the study of I131 triolein absorption was evaluated. Chromic oxide minimized the uncertainties encountered in determining the duration of the collection period and served as a quantitative check on the completeness of the collection. Accurate estimation of the total fecal radioactivity utilizing samples of(More)
A case of endobronchial granular cell tumor and an adenocarcinoma in the same lobe of the lung are presented. A review of the literature documents 2 cases where there was coexistence of a bronchogenic carcinoma and a granular cell tumor. The different theories regarding the origin of granular cell tumors are considered. The treatment of choice would be that(More)
The cytologic features of a bronchial granular-cell tumor clinically mimicking a bronchogenic carcinoma are presented. Distinctive granular cells similar to the main cellular components of the surgical specimen were found in abundance in bronchial brushings and washings obtained during bronchoscopy. Our findings and conclusions confirm previously published(More)
A case of ureteral intussusception caused by a low-grade papillary transitional cell carcinoma of the ureter is described. This is the first case of ureteral intussusception resulting from a malignant tumor of the ureter. The patient presented with weight loss and vague pain in the right lower abdominal quadrant. Right ureterovesical junction obstruction(More)
Hypercalcemia was found in a patient with an endobronchial granular cell tumor. To the best of our knowledge, the association of hypercalcemia and granular cell tumor has not been previously reported in the literature. Resection of the tumor resulted in the return of the serum calcium levels to normal. Investigation of the metabolic status of the patient(More)
Four mononuclear [(L-L)2 Ru(tatpp)]2+ and two dinuclear [(L-L)2 Ru(tatpp)Ru(L-L)2 ]4+ ruthenium(II) polypyridyl complexes (RPCs) containing the 9,11,20,22-tetraazatetrapyrido[3,2-a:2',3'-c:3'',2''-l:2''',3'''-n]pentacene (tatpp) ligand were synthesized, in which L-L is a chelating diamine ligand such as 2,2'-bipyridine (bpy), 1,10-phenanthroline (phen),(More)
We previously developed an ankle-foot prosthesis emulator with exceptional versatility [1]. It is lightweight, capable of producing large torque and power, and can quickly change behaviors [2]. However, it cannot fully address the needs of trans-femoral amputees. In the commercial market there are many active knees such as the Ottobock C-leg and Össur Power(More)