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Introduction The quantification of electrical energy can be accomplished using a digital multimeter, analog oscilloscope, or a PC based digital data acquisition system. The oscilloscope and PC are capable of displaying traces that vary with time. Inverting the period of a signal will result in the determination of frequency. However, these instruments are(More)
Optimal therapy of infections caused by bacteria able to survive within phagocytes requires the use of antibiotics which inactivate these intracellular organisms. To define characteristics that determine entry of antimicrobial agents into phagocytes, we studied the uptake of 14 radiolabeled antibiotics by rabbit AM. Cell-antibiotic mixtures were incubated(More)
OBJECTIVE To determine the prevalence of coeliac disease in rheumatoid arthritis. METHODS One hundred and sixty patients with seropositive rheumatoid arthritis were tested for the endomysial antibody. Those found positive were studied further with endoscopic small bowel biopsy. RESULTS Only one patient was found to have coeliac disease, and that had(More)
Gram-negative osteomyelitis frequently responds poorly to conventional therapy. Ciprofloxacin displays excellent in vitro activity against gram-negative bacilli and offers the potential for outpatient therapy. In this ongoing study, ciprofloxacin therapy is being evaluated for the treatment of gram-negative osteomyelitis. Twenty-three patients (16 men and(More)
Many research questions are effectively answered by collecting data about the opinions, beliefs, and perceptions of large numbers of persons in widely dispersed areas. The questionnaire is an economical means of gathering such information. Properly designed questionnaires can collect valid and reliable data for analyzing a research problem. This article(More)
A bulging fissure sign was noticed on chest roentgenogram in a patient with H influenzae pneumonia. This sign is usually associated with Klebsiella pneumonia and has also been seen in pneumococcal and plague pneumonia, tuberculosis, mass lesions of the lung, and large lung abscesses. This is thought to be the first report of a bulging fissure sign(More)