James B. Elsner

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Atlantic tropical cyclones are getting stronger on average, with a 30-year trend that has been related to an increase in ocean temperatures over the Atlantic Ocean and elsewhere. Over the rest of the tropics, however, possible trends in tropical cyclone intensity are less obvious, owing to the unreliability and incompleteness of the observational record and(More)
In this paper we have employed Fourier analysis of DNA coding and non-coding sequences in an attempt to identify possible patterns in gene sequences. It was found that while intronic sequences show a rather random pattern, coding sequences show periodicities and in particular a periodicity of 3. We were able to reconstruct such patterns by assuming a gene(More)
The authors develop and apply a model that uses hurricane-experience data in counties along the U.S. hurricane coast to give annual exceedence probabilities to maximum tropical cyclone wind events. The model uses a maximum likelihood estimator to determine a linear regression for the scale and shape parameters of the Weibull distribution for maximum wind(More)
DNA sequences usually involve local construction rules that affect different scales. As such their "dictionary" may not follow Zipf's law (a power law) which is followed in every natural language. Indeed, analysis of many DNA sequences suggests that no linguistics connections to DNA exist and that even though it has structure DNA is not a language. Computer(More)
BACKGROUND The Gulf coastal ecosystems in Florida are foci of the highest species richness of imperiled shoreline dependent birds in the USA. However environmental processes that affect their macroecological patterns, like occupancy and abundance, are not well unraveled. In Florida the Snowy Plover (Charadrius alexandrinus nivosus) is resident along(More)
Device quality wurtzite-GaN (a) can be grown using metalorganic chemical vapor phase deposition (MOCVD) on (0001) sapphire substrates. The large lattice misfit results in dislocation tangles near the interface but isolated threading dislocations, parallel to c, with densities ,109 cm22 and Burgers vectors c, a, and c 1 a persist beyond ,0.5 mm above the(More)
[1] An inverse relationship between hurricane activity over the Caribbean and the number of sunspots has recently been identified. Here we investigate this relationship using daily observations and find support for the hypothesis that changes in ultraviolet (UV) radiation rather than changes in other concomitant solar and cosmic variations are the cause.(More)