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A neurotoxin, named hainantoxin-IV, was purified from the venom of the spider Selenocosmia hainana. The amino acid sequence was determined by Edman degradation, revealing it to be a 35-residue polypeptide amidated at its C terminal and including three disulfide bridges: Cys2-Cys17, Cys9-Cys24, and Cys16-Cys31 assigned by partial reduction and sequence(More)
Red clover mottle virus (RCMV) is a member of the comoviruses, a group of picornavirus-like plant viruses. The X-ray structure of RCMV strain S has been determined and refined to 2.4 A. The overall structure of RCMV is similar to that of two other comoviruses, Cowpea mosaic virus (CPMV) and Bean pod mottle virus (BPMV). The sequence of the coat proteins of(More)
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