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OBJECTIVE To demonstrate the potential effect of deploying a sentinel system that scans administrative claims information and clinical data to detect and mitigate errors in care and deviations from best medical practices. METHODS Members (n = 39 462; age range, 12-64 years) of a midwestern managed care plan were randomly assigned to an intervention or a(More)
To attract and retain the technologically sophisticated employees needed to compete in today's global economy, American corporations must provide premium employee health benefit packages. Thus they are increasingly demanding proof of quality and cost-effectiveness in benefit plans. One aid in this effort is clinical performance information systems. These(More)
The litigation explosion of the past decade-and-a-half has provided physician-attorneys with a seemingly endless source of opportunities for full- and part-time employment. For this and other reasons, physician-attorneys in the late 1980s still devote a substantial part of their professional time to activities directly or indirectly related to medical(More)