James B Connelly

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OBJECTIVES To evaluate the evidence for strategies to prevent falls or fractures in residents in care homes and hospital inpatients and to investigate the effect of dementia and cognitive impairment. DESIGN Systematic review and meta-analyses of studies grouped by intervention and setting (hospital or care home). Meta-regression to investigate the effects(More)
AIMS A prospective study was conducted to identify the psychological impact of labelling middle-aged men as having above average risk for coronary heart disease. A second aim was to find out the psychological effect of participation in a subsequent clinical trial. METHODS 5813 men attended nine special screening clinics in England and Scotland for(More)
BACKGROUND Preventing childhood overweight and obesity has become a major public health issue in developed and developing countries. Systematic reviews of this topic have not provided practice-relevant guidance because of the generally low quality of research and the heterogeneity of reported effectiveness. AIM To present practice-relevant guidance on(More)
PURPOSE To assess the prevalence of disability and handicap among survivors of major traumatic injury (injury severity score > 15) using a prospective population based cohort study design. The study was set in the former Yorkshire Health Region. SUBJECTS/METHODS A cohort of 367 individuals identified as having received and survived major traumatic injury(More)
In case-control studies using prevalent cases, an apparent association may be spurious if the risk factor affects survival. In his description of this potential bias, Neyman disregarded competing risks. We use a compartment model to illustrate Neyman's bias and show that it can explain the apparent association only if the risk factor influences mortality(More)
BACKGROUND around one-fourth of all falls in healthcare settings are falls from bed. The role of bedrails in falls prevention is controversial, with a prevailing orthodoxy that bedrails are harmful and ineffective. OBJECTIVE to summarise and critically evaluate evidence on the effect of bedrails on falls and injury DESIGN systematic literature review(More)
BACKGROUND Abdominal aortic aneurysm (AAA) is an important cause of death in Canada, and about 80% of the deaths are due to ruptured aneurysm. METHOD To determine the most cost-effective way of controlling AAA in terms of early detection and clinical management, a cohort analysis was undertaken beginning at age 50 years, using a multistate life-table(More)
BACKGROUND Injuries are a major cause of mortality and morbidity in young people. Despite this, the long-term consequences for young survivors of severe injury are relatively unexplored. METHODS Population based cohort study involving 5 year post injury structured interview of all cases of major trauma (Injury Severity Score > 15) identified(More)
AIMS To describe the views of key healthcare professionals on the changes they considered to be important in the reduction of major trauma mortality between 1988 and 1995 in Leeds. METHODS Qualitative unstructured interviews with a purposive sample of 10 healthcare professionals deemed to be key personnel by an experienced consultant who had provided(More)