James B. Armstrong

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The authors demonstrate how reconfigurability can be used by reviewing and examining five computer-vision-related algorithms. Each one emphasizes different aspect of reconfigurability. a he " need for speed " has been the single most influential factor in super-computer design. In the past, technology fueled the development of faster computers through(More)
A method to migrate a task dynamically from a virtual SPMD machine to a virtual SIMD machine is proposed. It is assumed that the SIMD and SPMD virtual machine models only differ to support the different modes of parallelism, and that the program was coded in a mode-independent programming language. The migration pro­ cedure does not require the SPMD PEs to(More)
Performance of a parallel algorithm on a parallel machine depends not only on the time complexity of the algorithm, but also on how the underlying machine supports the fundamental operations used by the algorithm. This study analyzes various mappings of image correlation algorithms in SIMD, MIMD, and mixed-mode environments. Experiments were conducted on(More)
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