James B Amberson

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More than 1,000,000 men undergo prostate biopsy each year in the United States, most for "elevated" serum prostate-specific antigen (PSA). Given the lack of specificity and unclear mortality benefit of PSA testing, methods to individualize management of elevated PSA are needed. Greater than 50% of PSA-screened prostate cancers harbor fusions between the(More)
BACKGROUND Poor survival among African American patients with breast cancer has been attributed to low socioeconomic status and lack of access to health care. However, Hispanics of equivalent socioeconomic status and health care access exhibit much higher survival rates, almost comparable to whites. This suggests that biologic differences play a role in(More)
In a 65 year old man with hemoptysis, chest pain, weight loss, clubbing of the digits and a large mediastinal mass, the superior vena cava syndrome developed. He was treated for malignancy with radiation therapy and corticosteroids, but he died shortly after his admission to the hospital. Autopsy revealed syphilitic aortitis with an aneurysm of the(More)
BACKGROUND Many invasive breast cancers are accompanied by a variety of noninvasive components. Histological distinctions have been made between these components, but to understand their importance, it is essential to examine their molecular biology. METHODS Proliferative indices, oncoproteins, and steroid receptor expression were compared for invasive(More)
Results of previous in vivo experiments indicated that the presence of arterial endothelium modifies cholesteryl ester (CE) metabolism and the retention of low density lipoproteins (LDL) in injured arteries. We describe herein the effects of bovine arterial endothelial cells (ENDO) on the CE cycle, fluid phase endocytosis, and cell proliferation in(More)
We report the pathologic findings in specimens submitted for histologic and cytologic evaluation from 67 patients with the acquired immunodeficiency syndrome. A wide variety of opportunistic pathogens were identified in 41 patients. Mycobacterium avium-intracellulare evoked only a mild host response: granulomas, if present, were poorly formed. Biopsy(More)
As described in the above paragraphs, efforts in the areas of immunology, cytogenetics, molecular biology, and cytopathology have been applied to the problems urologists face in treating the individual patient with bladder cancer. It is hoped that continued investigations in these disciplines will not only lead to earlier diagnosis of bladder cancer and(More)
These studies present evidence that when human epidermal cells are grown in culture they lose both the ability to stimulate the proliferation of allogeneic T lymphocytes in vitro and their expression of HLA-DR antigens. Our results also show that epidermal cells incubated with anti-HLA-DR serum lose their ability to stimulate the proliferation to allogeneic(More)