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In these notes, we shall attempt to make sense of the notions of semisimple and unipotent representations in the context of automorphic forms. Our goal is to formulate some conjectures, both local and global, which were originally motivated by the trace formula. Some of these conjectures were stated less generally in lectures [2] at the University of(More)
1. In [12] and [13] Selberg introduced a trace formula for a compact, locally symmetric space of negative curvature. There is a natural algebra of operators on any such space which commute with the Laplacian. The Selberg trace formula gives the trace of these operators. Selberg also pointed out the importance of deriving such a formula when the symmetric(More)
We shall outline a classification [A] of the automorphic representations of special orthogonal and symplectic groups in terms of those of general linear groups. This necessarily includes a classification of local L-packets of representations. It also requires a classification of the extended packets that are the local constituents of nontempered automorphic(More)