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The design and implementation of a computer-assisted continuous infusion (CACI) system to rapidly attain and maintain a constant plasma fentanyl concentration (PFC), as well as a CACI system that allowed the anesthesiologist to change the plasma level of fentanyl during cardiac anesthesia, were developed. In 30 patients (three groups of 10 patients each)(More)
Direct imaging with the atomic force microscope has been used to identify specific nucleotide sequences in plasmid DNA molecules. This was accomplished using EcoRI (Gln-111), a mutant of the restriction enzyme that has a 1000-fold greater binding affinity than the wild-type enzyme but with cleavage rate constants reduced by a factor of 10(4).(More)
The nonrebreathing system has been with us since Morton demonstrated the administration of diethyl ether in 1846. Its current popularity is evidenced by the extensive use of the Bain system. The greatest advantage, its history of patient safety, is related to the circuit's simplicity and the knowledge that the delivered concentration equals the inhaled(More)
Representing an ascending, sexually spread pyogenic infection of the female genital tract, pelvic inflammatory disease (PID) is a commonly encountered cause for emergency visits and hospitalizations among young and adult female patients. Though gynecologic evaluation and sonography constitute the mainstay of diagnosis, multidetector CT imaging of the(More)
Intramedullary spinal lesions present a wide differential diagnosis including infectious, inflammatory, traumatic, ischemic, benign, or malignant neoplastic etiologies. Using knowledge of anatomy and physiology within the spinal cord, many similar appearing entities can be parsed into a prioritized differential. The purpose of this article is to review(More)
Morel-Lavallée lesions are relatively rare closed degloving injuries caused by a shearing force resulting in separation of the dermis and the hypodermis from the subjacent deeper fascia. Although most commonly encountered lateral to the greater trochanter, these injuries may occur throughout the body in a variety of locations. Separation of the hypodermal(More)
A 38-week pregnant patient with history of cesarean delivery was admitted to the hospital for induction of labor after diagnosis of fetal demise. When the clinical picture became concerning for uterine scar dehiscence, an ultrasound was ordered. After targeted ultrasound of the lower uterine segment, the sonographer initially reported thin but intact lower(More)
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