James Allen Morrow

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Preface This book is the result of an accumulation of work done by the authors and their students over the past twelve years. In each of the years listed, 8-10 students were brought to the University of Washington for a summer REU (Research Experience for Undergraduates) program, supported by a REU Grant from the NSF. We want to thank the NSF for its(More)
We will show that the Dirichlet-to-Neumann map Λ for the electrical conductivity equation on a simply connected plane region has an alternating property, which may be considered as a generalized maximum principle. Using this property, we will prove that the kernel, K, of Λ satisfies a set of inequalities of the form (−1) n(n+1) 2 det K(xi, yj) > 0. We will(More)
1 The VPAC2 and PAC1 receptors are closely related members of the Group II G protein-coupled receptor family. At the VPAC2 receptor, VIP is equipotent to PACAP-38 in stimulating cyclic AMP production, whereas at the PAC1 receptor PACAP-38 is many fold more potent than VIP. In this study, domains which confer this selectivity were investigated by(More)
We describe the analysis of the herpes simplex virus type 1 (HSV-1) latency-associated transcript (LAT) promoter using an HSV-1-based vector system. Sequences under investigation for LAT promoter activity were analysed for their ability to direct chloramphenicol acetyltransferase gene expression, either in transfection assays or following their insertion(More)
MISTYSMITH EDUCATION/TRAINING (Begin with baccalaureate or other initial professional education, such as nursing, include postdoctoral training and residency training if applicable.) INSTITUTION AND LOCATION DEGREE (if applicable) NOTE: The Biographical Sketch may not exceed four pages. Follow the formats and instructions below. I have been an active member(More)
Gerrymandering is an issue plaguing legislative redistricting. We present a novel approach to redistricting that uses Voronoi and population-weighted Voronoiesque diagrams. Voronoi regions are contiguous, compact, and simple to generate. Regions drawn with Voronoiesque diagrams attain small population variance and relative geometric simplicity. As a(More)
We studied the ability of the rat vasoactive intestinal polypeptide (VIP) cyclic AMP responsive element (CRE) to regulate reporter gene expression through a c-fos promoter in rat sensory neurons transfected in culture by plasmid microinjection. The CRE enhanced the synergistic response of the promoter to combined potassium-evoked depolarisation and(More)
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