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An Evaluation of Current Java Bytecode Decompilers
  • J. Hamilton, S. Danicic
  • Computer Science
  • Ninth IEEE International Working Conference on…
  • 20 September 2009
Decompilation of Java bytecode is the act of transforming Java bytecode to Java source code. Although easier than that of decompilation of machine code, problems still arise in Java bytecodeExpand
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A survey of static software watermarking
Software watermarks, which can be used to identify the intellectual property owner of a piece software, are broadly divided into two categories: static and dynamic. Static watermarks are embedded inExpand
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An Evaluation of Static Java Bytecode Watermarking
The rise in the use of the Internet and bytecode languages such as Java bytecode and Mi- crosoft's Common Intermediate Language have made copying, decompiling and disassembling software eas- ier. TheExpand
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Dependence communities in source code
  • J. Hamilton, S. Danicic
  • Computer Science
  • 28th IEEE International Conference on Software…
  • 23 September 2012
The concept of community structure arises from the analysis of social networks in sociology. Community structure can be found in many real world graphs other than social networks. Recently, efficientExpand
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An Evaluation of the Resilience of Static Java Bytecode Watermarks Against Distortive Attacks
Software watermarking is a software pro- tection technique based on the insertion of copyright notices or unique identifiers into a program to prove ownership. Software watermarks can be broadly di-Expand
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Static Source Code Analysis Tools and their Application to the Detection of Plagiarism in Java Programs
This project develops a system for detecting plagiarism in sets of student assignments written in Java. Plagiarism is viewed as a form of code obfuscation where students deliberately performExpand
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A Survey of Software Watermarking by Register Allocation ( for Java Bytecode )
Software watermarking involves embedding a unique identifier within a piece of software, to discourage software theft. The global revenue loss due to software piracy was estimated to be more than $50Expand
Using Maximal Slices as a Solution to the ‘Output Variable’ Problem for Calculating Slice-Based Cohesion Metrics
Software metrics are widely used to quantify software quality; cohesion is one such metric. It is a measure of the ‘inter-relatedness’ of code. Sliced-based cohesion me trics use program slicing toExpand