James AH Murray

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There is major international concern over the wide-scale contamination of soil and associated ground water by persistent explosives residues. 2,4,6-Trinitrotoluene (TNT) is one of the most recalcitrant and toxic of all the military explosives. The lack of affordable and effective cleanup technologies for explosives contamination requires the development of(More)
PREFACE As Standardized Patient Trainers, you recognize that the feedback given to the medical student by the Standardized Patient following the interview is a vital component within this methodology. In order to maximize these sessions, Standardized Patients must give effective feedback to the medical student regarding their interpersonal communication(More)
The recent International Conference seems to have thickened rather than cleared the fog of debate which envelops the colloidal lead treatment of cancer. It is not remarkable that this should be so, for the exact knowledge of the relation of a malignant growth to the organism bearing it is still lacking. 1 he chorionic hypothesis of Beard and Blair Bell of(More)
The phylogenetic relationships among certain groups of gastropods have remained unresolved in recent studies, especially in the diverse subclass Opisthobranchia, where nudibranchs have been poorly represented. Here we present the complete mitochondrial genomes of Melibe leonina and Tritonia diomedea (more recently named T. tetraquetra), two nudibranchs from(More)
The plant embryo is a relatively simple structure consisting of a primordial shoot and root, whose development is frozen in the form of a seed. Most development of the mature plant takes place post-embryonically, and is the consequence of cell division and organogenesis in small regions known as meristems, which originate in the embryonic shoot and root(More)
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