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Design requirements for technologies that encourage physical activity
Overweight and obesity are a global epidemic, with over one billion overweight adults worldwide (300+ million of whom are obese). Obesity is linked to several serious health problems and medicalExpand
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prefuse: a toolkit for interactive information visualization
Although information visualization (infovis) technologies have proven indispensable tools for making sense of complex data, wide-spread deployment has yet to take hold, as successful infovisExpand
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The design of eco-feedback technology
Eco-feedback technology provides feedback on individual or group behaviors with a goal of reducing environmental impact. The history of eco-feedback extends back more than 40 years to the origins ofExpand
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Activity sensing in the wild: a field trial of ubifit garden
Recent advances in small inexpensive sensors, low-power processing, and activity modeling have enabled applications that use on-body sensing and machine learning to infer people's activitiesExpand
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MyExperience: a system for in situ tracing and capturing of user feedback on mobile phones
This paper presents MyExperience, a system for capturing both objective and subjective in situ data on mobile computing activities. MyExperience combines the following two techniques: 1) passiveExpand
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Theory-driven design strategies for technologies that support behavior change in everyday life
In this paper, we propose design strategies for persuasive technologies that help people who want to change their everyday behaviors. Our strategies use theory and prior work to substantially extendExpand
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An architecture for privacy-sensitive ubiquitous computing
Privacy is the most often-cited criticism of ubiquitous computing, and may be the greatest barrier to its long-term success. However, developers currently have little support in designing softwareExpand
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Interactive sketching for the early stages of user interface design
Current interactive user interface construction tools are often more of a hindrance than a benefit during the early stages of user interface design. These tools take too much time to use and forceExpand
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UbiGreen: investigating a mobile tool for tracking and supporting green transportation habits
The greatest contributor of CO2 emissions in the average American household is personal transportation. Because transportation is inherently a mobile activity, mobile devices are well suited to senseExpand
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The Design of Sites: Patterns, Principles, and Processes for Crafting a Customer-Centered Web Experience
From the Book: You are probably wondering how this book is any different from the numerous other Web design books out there. This unique book is not about programming or any specific technology. NorExpand
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