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On the Merits of Orthogonalizing Powered and Product Terms: Implications for Modeling Interactions Among Latent Variables
The goals of this article are twofold: (a) briefly highlight the merits of residual centering for representing interaction and powered terms in standard regression contexts (e.g., Lance, 1988), andExpand
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A Randomized Trial Examining the Effects of Conjoint Behavioral Consultation and the Mediating Role of the Parent–Teacher Relationship
Abstract. The present study is a large-scale randomized trial testing the efficacy of a family–school partnership model (i.e., conjoint behavioral consultation) for promoting behavioral competenceExpand
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Structural Equation Modeling of Mediation and Moderation With Contextual Factors
Researchers often grapple with the idea that an observed relationship may be part of a more complex chain of effects. These complex relationships are described in terms such as indirect influences,Expand
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Classroom Variables and Access to the General Curriculum for Students with Disabilities
This study investigated the degree to which students with intellectual and developmental disabilities have access to the general education curriculum and the degree to which such access is related toExpand
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On the use of multilevel modeling as an alternative to items analysis in psycholinguistic research
The use of multilevel modeling is presented as an alternative to separate item and subject ANOVAs (F1 ×F2) in psycholinguistic research. Multilevel modeling is commonly utilized to model variabilityExpand
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Parent Engagement and School Readiness: Effects of the Getting Ready Intervention on Preschool Children's Social–Emotional Competencies
Research Findings: Parental engagement with children has been linked to a number of adaptive characteristics in preschool children, and relationships between families and professionals are anExpand
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Methods for the Analysis of Change
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Identifying, Analyzing, and Communicating Rural: A Quantitative Perspective
Defining rural is a critical task for rural education researchers, as it has implications for all phases of a study. However, it is also a difficult task due to the many ways in which rural can beExpand
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Modeling contextual effects in longitudinal studies
Contents: Preface. N.A. Card, T.D. Little, J.A. Bovaird, Modeling Ecological and Contextual Effects in Longitudinal Studies of Human Development. S.M. Hofer, L. Hoffman, Statistical Analysis WithExpand
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