James A. VanDerslice

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Human alteration of the nitrogen cycle has resulted in steadily accumulating nitrate in our water resources. The U.S. maximum contaminant level and World Health Organization guidelines for nitrate in drinking water were promulgated to protect infants from developing methemoglobinemia, an acute condition. Some scientists have recently suggested that the(More)
In the United States, having health insurance is an important determinant of health care access and individual health outcomes. Nationwide, a significant proportion of the population does not have health insurance. Hispanics, in particular, are less likely than non-Hispanics to have insurance. A framework was established to examine the relationships between(More)
Potable drinking water is essential to public health; however, few studies have investigated income or racial disparities in water infrastructure or drinking water quality. There were many case reports documenting a lack of piped water or serious water quality problems in low income and minority communities, including tribal lands, Alaskan Native villages,(More)
PURPOSE Testicular cancer is diagnosed at a young age and survival rates are high; thus, the long-term effects of cancer treatment need to be assessed. Our objectives are to estimate the incidence rates and determinants of late effects in testicular cancer survivors. METHODS We conducted a population-based cohort study of testicular cancer survivors,(More)
OBJECTIVES A cross-sectional study investigated the association of hepatitis A seropositivity with environmental and personal risk factors among children in a United States-Mexico border community. METHODS Hepatitis A serological markers and a questionnaire identifying risk factors were evaluated for 523 primary school children. RESULTS Of the children(More)
Job satisfaction in the workplace affects absenteeism, turnover, and performance. We conducted a cross-sectional study of 201 nursing personnel to assess satisfaction among nursing staff at a military hospital in the southwestern United States. Participants completed a self-administered survey in which they rated professional status, autonomy, pay,(More)
One of the goals of the National Environmental Public Health Tracking Network is to link environmental data with chronic disease data as a means of improving our understanding of the environmental determinants of disease. Such efforts will rely on the ongoing collection of population exposure information, and there are few systems in place to track(More)
INTRODUCTION Intermountain Healthcare is a fully integrated delivery system based in Salt Lake City, Utah. As a learning healthcare system with a mission of performance excellence, it became apparent that population health management and our efforts to move towards shared accountability would require additional patient-centric metrics in order to provide(More)
In this study, a fluorogenic heterotrophic plate count test for drinking water was modified in order to detect the presence of carbapenem-resistant bacteria. Antimicrobial agents and concentrations were selected based on recoveries of known carbapenem-resistant and carbapenem-susceptible strains inoculated into simulated samples. The modified method was(More)