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OBJECTIVE Structural and functional abnormalities in the medial temporal lobe, particularly the hippocampus and amygdala, have been described in people with autism. The authors hypothesized that parents of children with a diagnosis of autistic disorder would show similar changes in these structures. METHOD Magnetic resonance imaging scans were performed(More)
commonest symptom for which patients seek medical advice [1–3]. In the UK in 2005, £96.7 million was spent on over-the-counter cough liquids [4], for which there is little evidence of efficacy [5]. The European Respiratory Health Survey suggested that in young adults the median prevalences of nocturnal, nonproductive and productive cough are 30.7%, 10.2%(More)
The psychosocial dynamics of black adolescent suicide are examined in light of the available literature and the authors' clinical experience. The authors contend that members of the medical profession who are in touch with the physical problems of black adolescents must become sensitive to the magnitude of the problem and assist with developing(More)
The signs and symptoms of infection after retinal detachment surgery may be subtle and frequently are overlooked during early stages. A retrospective analysis of 3,334 consecutive procedures for retinal detachment revealed 37 cases (1.1%) with postoperative infection. In 13 of these a scleral abscess and a form of endophthalmitis developed, whereas 24 had(More)