James A. Rosenblum

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In this paper we present our research on identifying and model-ing the strategies that human tutors use for integrating previous explanations into current explanations. We have used this work to develop a computational model that has been partially implemented in an explanation facility for an existing tutoring system known as SHERLOCK. We are implementing(More)
Our present understanding of the genetics of hereditary nystagmus is somewhat limited. Few published medical sources have documented the existence of true cases of sex-linked hereditary nystagmus. In this paper, the authors present a case study of a patient whose nystagmus has a strong and exclusive male hereditary component. Genetic argumentation is(More)
When human tutors engage in dialogue, they freely exploit all aspects of the mutually known context, including the previous discourse. Utterances that do not draw on previous discourse seem awkward, unnatural, or even incoherent. Previous discourse must be taken into account in order to relate new information effectively to recently conveyed material, and(More)