James A. O'Connor

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array of independent memory subsystem P. J. Meaney L. A. Lastras-Montaño V. K. Papazova E. Stephens J. S. Johnson L. C. Alves J. A. O’Connor W. J. Clarke The IBM zEnterpriseA system introduced a new and innovative redundant array of independent memory (RAIM) subsystem design as a standard feature on all zEnterprise servers. It protects the server from(More)
In this article we describe a class of error control codes called “diff-MDS” codes that are custom designed for highly resilient computer memory storage. The error scenarios of concern range from simple single bit errors, to memory chip failures and catastrophic memory module failures. Our approach to building codes for this setting relies on(More)
The field of clinical microbiology has been revolutionised by genomic and proteomic methods, which have facilitated more rapid diagnosis and characterisation of infection in many cases. In contrast, mycobacteriological evolution has tended to retain the traditional methods of smear microscopy for detection of acid-fast bacilli to indicate mycobacteria,(More)
The use of matrix-assisted laser desorption ionization–time of flight mass spectrometry (MALDI-TOF MS) has been widely implemented for microbial identification in clinical microbiology in recent years. This development can be attributed to its low operating cost and to its speed and reliability of identification for many bacteria and fungi. However, the use(More)
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