James A. Middleton

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We analyze adaptation processes responsible for eliciting and alleviating flicker response suppression, which is a class of phenomena characterized by the selective reduction of visual response to the ac component of a flickering light. Stimulus conditions were chosen that would allow characteristic features of flicker response suppression to be defined and(More)
  • J A Middleton
  • 2001
Many children suffer an injury to the head at some time, but relatively few of these cause major problems. However, in a few cases the sequelae can be far reaching. This review considers how to evaluate the significance of a head injury. Factors to consider are (1) injury variables: cause, severity and type of injury; (2) child variables: premorbid(More)
In this exploratory study we examined the alignment of Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) middle school engineering design standards with lesson ideas from middle school teachers, science education faculty, and engineering faculty (4–6 members per group). Respondents were prompted to provide plain language interpretations of two middle school(More)
Interest in engineering by entering college freshmen is near a 30-year low. Young women especially are not attracted to engineering. Engineering is not featured in popular television programs and usually gets overshadowed in news reporting. Students in middle and high school do not hear about engineering in school since middle school and high school(More)
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