James A. Field

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This paper presents the results of an empirical study of the effects of null message cancellation on the performance of conservatively synchronized distributed simulation. Null message cancellation is an algorithmic modification to the basic conservative synchronization scheme wherein a null message is discarded before receipt when overcome by a message(More)
The choice of collision control algorithm has an effect on the performance of Ethernet. A linear incremental backoff algorithm is proposed and its performance is compared to the binary exponential backoff algorithm. Two variations of Ethernets are used in the comparison: one treats data and acknowledgement packets equally; the other gives priority to(More)
CCITT has proposed Recommendation X.75 as a technique for interconnecting public data networks in a standard way. However, this is not the only or necessarily the best approach. This paper focuses on two major factors in determining the merits of different network interconnection approaches, and compares the X.75 approach to a few alternatives in each of(More)
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