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This study investigated the effects of high-intensity interval training (HIIT) vs. work-matched moderate-intensity continuous exercise (MOD) on metabolism and counterregulatory stress hormones. In a randomized and counterbalanced order, 10 well-trained male cyclists and triathletes completed a HIIT session [81.6 ± 3.7% maximum oxygen consumption (V̇o2 max);(More)
Wound healing involves a complex series of biochemical events and has traditionally been managed with 'low tech' dressings and bandages. The concept that diagnostic and theranostic sensors can complement wound management is rapidly growing in popularity as there is tremendous potential to apply this technology to both acute and chronic wounds. Benefits in(More)
BACKGROUND Chronic venous leg ulcers are a significant cause of pain, immobility and decreased quality of life for patients with these wounds. In view of this, research efforts are focused on multiple factors in the wound environment to obtain information regarding the healing of ulcers. OBJECTIVES Chronic wound fluid (CWF), containing a complex mixture(More)
Chronic wounds, such as venous and diabetic leg ulcers, represent a significant health and financial burden to individuals and healthcare systems. In worst-case scenarios this condition may require the amputation of an affected limb, with significant impact on patient quality of life and health. Presently, there are no clinical biochemical analyses used in(More)
Chronic physical inactivity is a major risk factor for a number of important lifestyle diseases, while inappropriate exposure to high physical demands is a risk factor for musculoskeletal injury and fatigue. Proteomic and metabolomic investigations of the physical activity continuum - extreme sedentariness to extremes in physical performance - offer(More)
The comparison of proteomes between genetically heterogeneous bacterial strains may offer valuable insights into physiological diversity and function, particularly where such variation aids in the survival and virulence of clinically-relevant strains. However, reports of such comparisons frequently fail to account for underlying genetic variance. As a(More)
UNLABELLED Burn injury is highly traumatic for paediatric patients, with the severity of the burn often dictating the extent of scar formation. The diagnosis of burn wound severity is largely determined by the attending clinician's experience. Thus, a greater understanding of the biochemistry at burn wound site environment and the biology of burns of(More)
It remains incompletely understood whether there is an association between the transcriptome profiles of skeletal muscle and blood leukocytes in response to exercise or other physiological stressors. We have previously analyzed the changes in the muscle and blood neutrophil transcriptome in eight trained men before and 3, 48, and 96 h after 2 h cycling and(More)
Staphylococcus aureus (S. aureus) is a prominent human and livestock pathogen investigated widely using omic technologies. Critically, due to availability, low visibility or scattered resources, robust network and statistical contextualisation of the resulting data is generally under-represented. Here, we present novel meta-analyses of freely-accessible(More)